Whether you’re looking for an agricultural/commercial loan, a new home or car, a refinance, a Home Equity Line of Credit… or any assistance to make something you need happen, you can apply online or come in to talk to our lenders. We pride themselves in helping folks get what they need, and focused on making every loan experience as easy as possible, which means, asking the right questions, listening intently and keeping you in a real-time communication loop throughout the process.

Consumer Lending

  • Fixed interest rates based on Members’ Fico/Beacon score
  • Use for purchases of vehicles, new or used
  • Purchase appliances, electronics, etc
  • Refinance existing debt based on collateral used to secure loan
  • Loans available to 72 months based on collateral used to secure the loan

Agriculture/Commercial Loans

This includes Annual Operating, LOC, Term, Real Estate

  • Fixed or Variable rates available
  • Term notes available

Real Estate Mortgage

  • Fixed or Variable rates available
  • Finance up to 90% of a homes’ value
  • Loans are maintained in-house (not sold on the secondary market)
  • Your only costs are what the credit unions’ actual costs are.
  • What this means to you is No Closing Costs or Points

Home Equity Line of Credit

Same options as Residential Real Estate Loans above PLUS:

  • Use the money for home improvement, vehicle purchases, or miscellaneous expenses
  • Up to 10 year term loans

Share Secured Loans

  • Fixed interest rate
  • Used for miscellaneous expenses

Christmas Loans

  • Fixed interest rate
  • Short-term loan needs to be paid back by October 31st of the next year
  • Up to a $2,000.00 loan limit on approved credit
  • Loans are available between November and December of the current year.

Personal/Unsecured Loans

  • Use for miscellaneous expenses
  • No collateral required to secure the loan
  • $2000.00 loan limit